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Saturday was a great day for us. We had the opportunity to set back and watch a true craftsman work. The planning and care you afforded us was tremendous. We now have a very functional deck stairs that are not only safe but very attractive. The wood and hardware used were top quality. I really appreciate the fact that there was no skimping on quality of material.

Ron explained to us the procedure he used and what was required by local building codes. He installed the work by code. The stairs are built with safety and longevity in mind.

We have other projects in the planning stages and without a doubt we will include Ron and the Megrockconstructors in all of our building projects. 

Thank you Ron and Megan. 

Truly yours,

          Howard and Lorie                              Indianapolis


This company truly takes pride in there name and workmanship they are true pros.

 Zabrina Jarboe, Indianapolis 
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